Actor Vaughn Bullard Takes Lead in ‘R-Naught 15’

Actor Vaughn Bullard

Wright Summit Productions first full-length feature, “R-Naught 15” will feature Writer, Actor, Director & Entrepreneur Vaughn Bullard as its lead character, “Walker Wright.”

Walker Wright is a fast-lane single career man loving life in Miami. Then, he meets Sabinha. Their picturesque life is suddenly shattered when catastrophic events put the world in turmoil. As he tries to maintain his humanity, he struggles with the fact everything he loves and holds dear has been destroyed by something he can’t control.

Mr. Bullard, who lives in the Metro DC area, shares tales of him and his brother filming short movies on Super 8 film while growing up. Filmmaking was a large part of his early life but he wanted to pursue another career path.

The son of a career Army veteran, Mr. Bullard followed in his father’s footsteps and served his country before entering the intelligence community. His career as a technology trailblazer, in and outside the intelligence community, garnered him a book deal, authoring texts on XML Programming.

Well-established in his chosen profession, Mr. Bullard was at last able to follow his passion and began acting, writing, directing and producing projects designed to entertain & provoke thought. And, as the primary writer of “R-Naught 15,” it is with great humility he is realizing the dreams of his youth.

As an actor, Mr. Bullard has appeared in numerous television episodes and feature films portraying a diverse number of characters including serial killers, cowboys, detectives and a lawyers, just to name a few.

Actor Vaughn Bullard