Aviation Expert Garrett Riddick Joins ‘R-Naught 15’

Actor Garrett Riddick

Aviation enthusiast & expert Garrett Riddick, a 7-year veteran of the United States Air Force has joined the cast of “R-Naught 15” in the role of James Harcourt.

When he was introduced to the “R-Naught 15” script, Mr. Riddick knew immediately it was a project he could be proud of and support wholeheartedly. “I really appreciate the leadership (Wright Summit Productions’ CEO) Vaughn Bullard brings to this project and I know my experience in this film will provide something I can build on.”

Mr. Riddick, a resident of Jackson, Michigan, is the proud father of a 22-year-old daughter and a 20-year-old son. He is a licensed aircraft technician with more than 25 years of experience on airliners and corporate jets. And for nearly 7 years of his career, he served in the Air Force as a specialized aircraft technician on the US Airforce KC135.

Readily admitting the sky is limitless and fuels his passion for flying, airplanes and aviation, Mr. Riddick is compelled to pursue his childhood dream of acting to push his creative limits and also to affect people in a positive way. Mr. Riddick wants to make people laugh and take them away from their trials and troubles for a little while. “A roomful of laughter is like heaven” and he wants to entertain, provoke thought and if lucky enough, promote and encourage change.

“I want to be able to further invest in our young people and make a better world through laughter,” Mr. Riddick said. “If following my childhood dream can do that, it would make me extremely happy.”
Actor Garrett Riddick