‘R-Naught 15’ Special Forces Training Weekend

R-Naught 15 Special Forces Team

The “R-Naught 15” Special Forces Team, lead by Wright Summit’s Chief Logistics Officer Len Bruce, conducted training exercises focusing on marksmanship, military-style maneuvers and film scene blocking.

On a private shooting range located in a sparsely populated area of Northern Virginia, the team utilized semi-automatic weapons, full tactical gear and scenario-based responses to simulate real-world, high-risk situations where military tactical expertise is needed to contain a dangerous situation. These scenes are actively portrayed in ‘R-Naught 15’ and the production team is focused on making these sequences as realistic as possible.

“We aren’t interested in making a movie military experts can pick apart when our ‘R-Naught 15’ forces are on camera,” said Wright Summit CEO and Film Director Vaughn Bullard. “We want our teams to replicate tactics real-life, military special forces would use to gain control of a hostile situation.”

Several active Special Forces members as well as Mr. Bruce, who served in the US Army for 22 years and is a former special forces team member, acted as advisers during the exercises and pointed out maneuvers that would aid in the authenticity of the finished scenes.


Behind the Scenes of "R-Naught 15" Special Forces Training on Vimeo.