Wright Summit understands its productions are only as good as the crew members employed.

Few comprehend the enormity of developing a top-tier entertainment experience. From the makeup artists, stylists, daredevil stuntmen and the discerning eye behind the camera transferring vision to film, Wright Summit searches out the best of the best to make creative visions a reality.

Director of Photography, Kelly McAdams

Kelly McAdams, Director of Photography

Kelly McAdams is a seasoned filmmaker specializing in telling unique stories with captivating cinematography.

Through the use of lighting, composition, proper equipment choice, and creative license, Ms. McAdams is able to capture the storytelling experience with a discerning, artistic eye.

She has worked with Netflix, NBCUniversal, Disney ABC Television Group, ESPN, TLC, HGTV, The Food Network, The Game Show Network (GSN), The Baltimore Ravens, The Baltimore Orioles, The Casey Cares Foundation, The Maryland Film Festival, Maryland Public Television, PBS, and various independent production companies.

Makeup Department Head, Joan Jones

Joan Jones, Wright Summit Makeup Department Head

For the better part of 20 years, Joan Jones spent her time drafting maps on computers for civil engineers (she has always loved maps). While some might think the leap from map maker to makeup artist is an illogical one, Ms. Jones took a makeup class and found she could create symmetry, balance and beauty by mapping out areas of the face and applying makeup accordingly.

This unique vision and approach of aesthetic mastery took over Ms.Jones’ life and catapulted her into the throws of the film industry. For the last 8 years, her life has been consumed with early-morning casting calls and late-night wraps. And she wouldn’t change a thing.

Ms. Jones has worked her makeup magic on AMC’s ‘Making of the Mob,’ ‘The West,’ ‘The Jet Set,’ several independent films and numerous music videos. She specializes in all areas of character makeup and aesthetic special effects.

Hair Department Head, Kristen Smith

Kristen Smith, Wright Summit Hair Department Head

Raised in the theater, Kristen Smith never grew tired of beautiful hairstyles, glamorous stage makeup and indepth characters.

Turning her passion into a career, Ms. Smith has mastered techniques to further enhance a character, reinforce a time period and illuminate a theme — all from behind a stylist’s chair. She possesses an extraordinary eye for color and continuity, explaining it isn’t enough to know how to create a certain hairstyle: A stylist must know why the style is vital to achieve the desired look.

Ms. Smith has styled for The Today Show, several AMC series, FOX, countless fashion shows and more theatrical productions than she can count.

Stunt Coordinator, Jeff Wilhelm

Jeff Wilhelm, Wright Summit Stunt Coordinator

Stuntman Jeff Wilhelm is enjoying a dangerously cool career spanning nearly 30 years. His resume credentials call out gut-wrenching specialties like ‘full body and naked burns,’ ‘drags,’ ‘car rolls,’ ‘stair falls’ and many more full-action potrayals others, in real life, would steer clear of.

Mr. Wilhelm started making stunt-heavy shorts at an early age and as his interest grew, so did the enormity of his gags. And still today, he gravitates towards the intricacies that make up the gruesomely depicted, yet safely executed stunts he is challenged to render.

Mr. Wilhelm has applied his trade to numerous television and film productions and his credits continue to grow as he applies his lifelong motto,’Grace Under Pressure’ to every project he encounters.