Eric Slodysko Cast in ‘R-Naught 15’

Actor Eric Slodysko

Pennsylvania native Eric Slodysko has joined the cast of “R-Naught 15” as “David Settles.”

In his role in the faith-based thriller “Crisis Call,” Mr. Slodysko’s portrayal of a revengeful crazed man was said to be so convincing, “it’s hard to comprehend what a complete contrast the role is to (his) own gentle personality.”

Actor Eric Slodysko

Mr. Slodysko began acting in community theatre, where, after rehearsal one night, he asked the director if he could stay behind. He says during those quiet moments on stage, in an empty theatre, “a wave of emotion came over me … Here I was, in front of 150 empty chairs, with the resting assurance this was what I was supposed to do all along.”

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