Expert Marksman W. Keith Scott Joins ‘R-Naught 15’

Actor W. Keith Scott

Wright Summit Productions is pleased to announce an additional distinguished Army Veteran, W. Keith Scott has joined the cast of “R-Naught 15.”

Mr. Scott enters Wright Summit’s first feature film as ‘Trey Giles,’ the consummate bad guy who, after the world turns upside down, finds himself in a role he never bargained for — a role of leadership.

During his 24 years in the military, SGM (Ret.) Scott achieved the highest ranking possible for an enlisted soldier. His love for the arts never dwindled during his military tenure — in fact it matured as he participated in local theater groups and other performing opportunities.

As a Sergeant Major, Mr. Scott earned numerous awards attesting to his military success including the Parachutist Badge and an Expert Marksmanship Badge.

And even though his time of service has come to a close, his experience affords him the highly sought after traits of leadership, determination, sacrifice and dedication to the roles he undertakes as an actor and as a Military Technical Adviser to filmmakers and fellow actors.

Actor W. Keith Scott

Mr. Scott’s dedication and drive to his projects (both of which he refers to as his “mission”) can be seen through his loving marriage, his children and his devotion to his faith in God.

Currently of Boston, Mr. Scott was born in North Carolina and as a child, was drawn to the performing arts — first as a musician, then theater and now, television & film. He says while he feels he has accomplished much, he knows he has more to offer as he pursues his passion. He is excited at the prospect of audiences everywhere enjoying his performances, saying he is constantly developing his talents to push his skills to the next level.