‘R-Naught 15’ Casts Actor Nina Fowler

Actor Nina Fowler

Nina Fowler, an actor from Fairfax, Va. has agreed to play the role of Melissa in “R-Naught 15.”

Melissa is your girl next door and seems calm and demure. But her sweet countenance can be deceiving: When she is faced with a tough decision, her strong personality and need for survival gives her the upper hand.

Ms. Fowler said when she was first presented with the possibility of appearing in “R-Naught 15,” she was thrilled with the role she was offered. “I thoroughly enjoyed reading the script and I knew ‘Melissa’ would not be an easy character to play. She has a lot of depth so I jumped at the chance.”

Ms. Fowler grew up around Richmond, Va. and says she had terrible stage fright and communication classes didn’t help. “Any class where I had to get up and give a presentation terrified me,” she said. “My mom suggested I take an acting class … I did … and I fell in love with it.”

Ms. Fowler said she still struggled with nerves and also with “being too planned” but spending time with an acting coach helped her “Find her voice.” Now her pursuit of it affords her the opportunity to be something or someone new every single day. But more poignantly, Ms. Fowler pursues acting because she wants to teach her 14-year-old daughter that going after your dreams is OK.

“She is the most important aspect of my life and she loves that I am an actor,” she said.

Actor Nina Fowler

Ms. Fowler has appeared in many television shows including “House of Cards,” and several episodes of “Nightmare Next Door.” She also played in the full-length, faith-based film The Lonesome Trail,” which is currently in post production.