What happens if everything you knew suddenly vanished? Everyone you ever talked to, loved and held dear was suddenly gone? This dramatic thriller follows one man’s dramatic and heart wrenching journey through a global viral pandemic and the eventual demise of civilization. A new feature film from Wright Summit Productions. Check it out on IMDb and Facebook and like us!

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Hinnom is a picturesque, idyllic small town of seven hundred people, but there lies a dark, obsessive secret among one of them.

Follow three families as they weather the first and second campaigns of Manassas.   Based on a true story.  An epic coming soon from Wright Summit Productions.

Follow gumshoe Jimmy O’Connell in a fictional film noir movie about a 1940s detective hired to find a holocaust survivor’s family treasure.  A period production from Wright Summit Productions.

Garrett Pope is The Gunslinger.  Hell-bent on revenge.  A new web series from Wright Summit Productions.

Follow one detective’s quest to find out who is killing young mothers in the town of Abilene.  A new web series from Wright Summit Productions.