“There is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world and that is an idea whose time has come.”

— Victor Hugo, French Poet, Novelist and Dramatist

The formation of a strong leadership team at Wright Summit Productions is grounded in its desire to find experienced professionals who realize the importance of fostering innovation in the entertainment industry and developing strategies to bring them to fruition. Wright Summit leadership works under the umbrella guidance of a Board of Directors who are tasked with helping guide top business initiatives.

CEO, Vaughn Bullard

Vaughn Bullard is the CEO & Founder of Wright Summit Productions, overseeing the screenwriting, production & directing of independent and studio films, web series & the company’s overall commercial development. Mr. Bullard founded Wright Summit with the vision of offering independent filmmakers, writers and directors the opportunity to see their productions developed. As a writer, director and actor himself, he understands the pitfalls of the business and the subtle nuances that can catapult a project into the spotlight.

Mr. Bullard is also well-known in the IT field, where he has authored texts on technology standards and has developed systems for multiple government agencies. This experience has honed an intense attention to detail that conveys to every project Wright Summit engages.

Chief Sales Officer, Anna Gibson

Anna Gibson, Wright Summit Chief Sales Officer

Anna Gibson is the Sales Manager for Wright Summit Productions, responsible for sales and corporate sponsorship programs.

For more than two decades, she has steadily built sales, managed accounts and connected people and products during her tenure at various corporations. As a veteran Israeli Air Force officer, current stage mom and interior designer, Ms. Gibson brings a unique set of experiences to this position and is eager to share her talents and resources with others who are looking forward to building a successful sales department.

Chief Logistics Officer, Len Bruce

Len Bruce, Wright Summit Chief Logistics Officer

Wright Summit is honored and proud to have this 22-year veteran of the US Army and Former Green Beret on its executive team as its Chief Logistics Officer.

As the CLO, Mr. Bruce is in charge of scouting, selecting and negotiating the use of film locations, managing resource allocation and procuring large-scale props. Mr. Bruce is also Wright Summit’s Military Liaison and negotiates the use of military-grade props and locations and is the primary adviser on military procedures, processes, tactical maneuvers and weaponry.