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In the 1860s, the green farmlands of Manassas, Virginia seem worlds away from the heated debates and mounting tensions surrounding the North & South. But a distance of 40 miles could not shelter this picturesque community from enduring the terrors of war … Not once … But twice.

On the morning of July 21, 1861 scores of politicians and Washington elite gather on the hills overlooking acres of farmland to witness their Union Army claim sweet victory over the Southern Army in a one and done battle. As they picnic under the sun, sip wine and boisterously brag of superiority, the families who have made Manassas their home, peer out of curtained windows and wonder in from a morning of field work to find soldiers from both sides posturing arrogantly for battle.

“Manassas” is an epic drama spanning the life and times of those who saw their crop fields and farmhouses serve as battlefields, hospitals and strategic outposts. It examines families, who after soldiers move on, scrub blood off their floors, plow under crops and struggle to rebuild shattered homes only to find themselves once again in the fray of a war far from over.

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