Paul Chapman to Play CIA Director Lionel Grace

Actor Paul H. Chapman

Actor Paul H. Chapman will portray DC Insider & CIA Director Lionel Grace in the upcoming feature film, “R-Naught 15.”

Lionel Grace is a resilient, cunning opportunist who has served as CIA Director under 3 presidents. His reserved demeanor makes it easy for him to go unnoticed — but that’s when he strikes — and he strikes hard.

Mr. Chapman began studying theater at the College of William and Mary. But he soon set his passion aside to serve his country as an Army Officer. He later earned degrees in Computer Science and Management Information Systems and worked as a software engineer.

Actor Paul H. Chapman

Since returning to the passions of his youth, Mr. Chapman has appeared in several feature films, including “Imperium,” a movie starring Daniel Radcliff. He has also worked on “Legends & Lies,” the television series “Pivot Point” & “House of Cards” and carried a headlining role in the award-winning independent short, “Not Guilty.”