Philadelphia’s Mike Sutton a Dr. in ‘R-Naught 15’

Actor Mike Sutton

As “R-Naught 15” character Dr. Erik Baumgartner, Mike Sutton plays “a genuinely nice guy” who attempts to champion the notice of a catastrophic discovery by a fellow researcher.

Born in Brooklyn to an NYPD policeman and an Irish immigrant, Mr. Sutton earned a BS in Finance & minors in Economics and Classical Civilizations from FSU. Along with his brother, he later attended grad school at FSU where they simultaneously went through the joint Juris Doctorate/MBA program.

As a 20-year veteran of the financial industry, his professional career steered him into positions as a portfolio manager and later as the CIO of a mutual funds company.

Since deciding to pursue acting in 2013, he has appeared in more than 45 feature films, short films, TV shows, web series and commercials.

Mr. Sutton & wife Kathleen have two children and reside in the Philadelphia area.

Actor Mike Sutton