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R15 (R-Naught 15): A mathematical term estimating how many can be infected by an individual carrying a contagion. Above R1 can cause an epidemic — especially if there is no cure.

Walker Wright loves his fast-paced, high profile career and the single scene in arguably the sexiest city in the world — Miami. But after meeting Sabinha, he gives it all up to follow her to Washington DC, where she has taken a position at a local hospital.

Everything is perfect: Their house, their careers and their beautiful daughter. But suddenly it all changes and Walker finds himself attempting to make sense out of chaos as he fights for his very survival amidst the immersion of an unknown, deadly virus. As he tries to maintain his humanity while in the middle of utter world-wide chaos, he struggles with the fact that everything he loves and holds dear has been destroyed by something he can’t even see or hear.

Walker Wright’s story answers the ultimate question: How Far Will You Go to Survive?

“R-Naught-15” is the first full-length feature film written by, produced and directed by Wright Summit Productions and is an action-packed thriller that will leave viewers devastated with the prospect of how quickly everything can change.

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