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‘Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing … But inwardly are savage wolves.’

— Matthew 7:15, NLT

In the mid-western town of Hinnom, streets roll up before midnight and you can almost hear the wind gently brush through the valleys of red and yellow wild flowers and sun-scorched wheat. Church picnics and sermon sing-alongs are gatherings of hope, joy and steadfastness in this hamlet that has managed to let only glimpses of the outside world sneak through its camouflaged simplicity.

But when Elise, a beautiful young girl disappears and is later discovered gruesomely murdered, the town’s innocence is ripped from its righteous grip as the community tries to make sense of such a brutal, senseless — yet deliberate act.

To hasten the healing and attempt to restore faith within his congregation, Hinnom’s pastor, The Rev. Kevin Hitchins, gives comfort and guidance from his lightly stained, oak pulpit — hoping the safety and shelter this idyllic town has lived under for so many years can be restored.

“Valley of Hinnom” is a story of stolen innocence and a tale of the inner demons possessing even the most trusted among us. It reveals the frightening truth that even the upstanding have dark, obsessive secrets.

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